Welcome to the Lauck Street Shipyard

Welcome to the Lauck Street Shipyard as we celebrate our 10th anniversary. Be sure to check out our new prices, especially our College of Model Shipbuilding bundled deal!

Now you get all of our practicums from the College of Model Shipbuilding for one low price. Several different options are available! We had our 10th Anniversary of being in business last June and as such, we are now offering all of our College of Model Shipbuilding Courses with or without photo CD's for one low price of $300.00 (with photo CD's) or $200.00 (without photo CD's). You can take advantage of this very special cost savings offer on our Specials page. Don't miss out on this enormous savings to get 14 courses for less than the price of 2 courses. There's no telling how long we'll offer this special. You can also get the Lady Nelson included in this special for an additional $75.00.

We're also pleased to announce the completion of an all new Prep School Course, Modeling the Swift, based on the Artesania Latina kit. You can learn more about this new course and purchase it here. In addition, we have just completed a new Freshman Course based on the Artesania Latina kit Mayflower. Learn more about this new course and purchase it here.

Another recent project we've been working on is a practicum based on the Artesania Latina kit, HMS Surprise. Currently we have released chapters 1 - 6 with or without photo CD. Future chapters will be released 6 at a time later this year or in early 2015. You can purchase the first 6 chapters here.

The Lauck Street Shipyard has been dedicated to helping modelers of all skill levels for over 10 years now. Our products teach modelers valuable techniques proven to work. Our exclusive and comprehensive College of Model Shipbuilding courses cover a wide range of subject models and teach every aspect of the art of model shipbuilding. With the addition of our separate product line of mini-practicums, other practicums and video practicums, any modeler can learn all of the techniques I've learned over the past 23 years.

Hi, I'm Bob Hunt, and with the help of my wife, Peggy, we are The Lauck Street Shipyard, a division of our business, LSS Enterprises LLC. When I first started building model ships, I was at a loss on the "how to" of the hobby. There were plenty of books of a historical nature but good books on how to build a specific model ship, particularly a model ship kit, did not exist. I struggled for years to build these wonderful models.

Sure, I made mistakes, I threw models away that I was not very proud of. But I persevered, and eventually it all began to come together. Thus was born the business my wife and I operate today.

We've got a great line of products availble at a most generous price. It has taken me the past 10 years to develop all of these products and they have helped hundreds, if not thousands of modelers become successful and better model ship builders. Please take some time to browse our website and see just what we have to offer.

Thanks for visiting,

Bob & Peggy Hunt

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